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Crafty Methods For Cutting Your Insurance Costs In The Big City

Big cities are where dreams come true. If you are moving to a major metropolitan area that has more than a million people, you may be interested in growing your career as well as your personal life. All of this growth will take an investment, especially a financial investment. The first thing that you may want to do is cut down on some of your costs. Here are some ways to bring your vehicle to the big city, but cut down on high insurance rates that major areas often bring.

Park in a garage

In big cities garage parking is usually widely available. Besides being safer for your car than street parking, using a garage may offer you some insurance discounts. Insurers will often allow those who utilize a parking garage to pay a lower rate of insurance due to the garage being a secure space. Invest in a parking spot in a garage, even if you have to take a train ride to get to your car.

Drive less

Though this may seem to defeat the purpose of having a vehicle, your auto insurance coverage will decrease if you drive less than 5,000 miles each year. Most big cities will have a large train or bus system available for public use. Purchase a metro pass and take the metro or walk places around the city. Save your car for transporting items or for traveling longer distances that may be outside of the city. Less driving means less out of pocket monthly insurance costs.

Rent an apartment in a single family neighborhood

Most big cities will have large apartment units and skyscraper condominium units. Though you may want to live directly in the fray in the middle of these, consider renting an apartment in a single family home or living in a family neighborhood with homes. The epicenter of the city, where there are a number of cabs, cars, and pedestrians will have the highest insurance rates. Living in a single family home in a less crowded neighborhood will decrease your monthly rates.

Trade for a scooter

If you are often jaunting around the city without the need to get on the highway or carry many things, consider a non-traditional vehicle. A scooter can work for your needs and drastically decrease your auto insurance coverage. Check out insurance coverage rates on your car and on a scooter that you may be interested in. If the scooter works for your needs and costs hundreds less, consider making the scooter your new city slicker wheels.

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